Thursday, November 12, 2009


Everyone in the world has their own way to express their creativity. There are so many ways to express it! Most ways people express their creativity are by drawing, dancing, or playing music! The main way that I express my creativity is through my music when I play the piano. Every time I play the piano I can express my creativity by playing some random chords and if I like the sound I may even add some other notes to make some of my own music. The parts of the Internet that have music and pictures can play a part in helping me be creative. The musical part can help me think of new ideas for creating music and expressing music in my own way. Also, the websites with pictures can add more interest to my music. I think that if I posted my things on the Internet instead of just for my teacher, that I would work differently because I wouldn't have to follow the outline that my teacher gives me. I just have to express myself in my own special way.

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  1. You have some nice thoughts about creativity. I am sure that you will learn about some great new tools to help you with your music during this course. Enjoy blogging!